Cheap Methods Of Generating Traffic To Your Membership Site

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So, you've built a great new membership site, in a well-researched niche. You've got the perfect landing page, and you're ready to roll. Now, how do you go about driving traffic to your site, without blowing what's left of your budget? There are several ways to generate traffic with no initial investment other than time. If you invest your time well, you can have many new visitors at little to no cost to you, using strategies such as article submission, keyword optimization, and email marketing.

The secret trick to article marketing...

To begin, write a series of ten to twelve articles on topics similar to those covered on your membership site. Give the reader just enough information to keep them reading the article, but leave them wanting more details. When writing, try to include more "why you want to" than "this is how to". By doing so, you're convincing your reader that he or she needs to click on the link in your resource box and subscribe to your site to get the missing information. Submit these articles to various leading article directories, and you've got free publicity for your new or existing membership site.

How to get more views of your articles...

As you write your articles and create your landing page for your site, be sure you've done your keyword research. Using a free keyword research tool such as Overture, research your niche and find keywords that have low competition. Base your articles on these keywords. Sprinkle them throughout your landing page. Keyword optimization is a great way to create organic traffic for your membership site's landing page -- free of charge.

Capture your leads...

By using the above two tips, you've probably begun to build some traffic to your site. Now, you need to keep these potential customers interested in your site, as well as any other products you promote. Add an opt-in form to your site, and begin to collect email addresses. These addresses will be your lifeblood, so do whatever you can to get people to opt-in. You may want to consider providing a free ecourse, a report, etc. This is the only tip that will cost anything, as you may need to pay for an auto responder program to coordinate your list.

Getting them to come back...

Now you can truly begin to harness the power of this list, by utilizing email marketing! Each week, send out a new email to your list explaining a small bit of useful information about your niche topic. Sell them on the ideas, and then elaborate on your site. Use this great sales tactic to make them want to subscribe to learn more.

By using article marketing, keyword optimization, and email marketing, you can begin to drive traffic to your site, and keep it once it gets there. Use these tips today to build your membership, with no investment on your part. You'll be glad you did, as you watch your site grow.
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