"One Life to Live" Recap for Friday, March 25, 2011

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Bo calms Nora as she begins to remember the night Eddie was killed. Nora remembers going back to the Minute Man Motel, going to Eddie’s room but finding the door locked. Bo knew that Nora couldn’t have killed Eddie, then Nora remembers the door opening and someone stepping out of the room, she just can’t remember who stepped out of the room.

Cutter and Aubrey spent the morning together, Aubrey thinks Joey is getting suspicious of her because of Ford. Cutter thinks that Jessica could be their new meal ticket, then they could leave town, but Aubrey tells Cutter to stay away from Jessica.

Rex shows up, Cutter is in the same room as Eddie was killed in. Aubrey hides in the bathroom while Rex searches around for clues, he doesn’t find any but find Aubrey in the bathroom. Aubrey explains that she was there to visit Cutter, Rex leaves but thinks finding Aubrey with Cutter was strange.

David runs into Matt, who is upset that David just took off. David explains that Clint kidnapped him and threw him in prison, which Matt doesn’t believe at first but David convinces him that Clint is guilty of kidnapping and possibly murder.

Joey goes to see Brody to let him know about Tess and Cutter, Brody tells Joey that Ford and Aubrey were an item once. Joey knows and is beginning to have doubts about the sincerity of Aubrey’s feelings for him.

Viki meets Dorian at the courthouse, wherein Dorian asks Viki to be her Matron of Honor – which Viki accepts. Neither can believe that their estranged relationship has blossomed into friendship. Dorian sees Clint and thinks he is there to sabotage her day with David, which Clint denies.

Dorian vows that karma will find Clint and he will answer for everything he’s done wrong. Viki calms Dorian down and sends Clint on his way, Viki then tells Dorian to compose herself before David arrives. Dorian goes to the restroom as David arrives, he and Viki catch up. When Viki leaves to check on Dorian, David gets a distressing phone call. When Viki returns with Dorian, David explains that he can’t marry her today.

Clint returns home and has a confrontation with Matt, who demands to know if he is guilty of all of the things he has been accused of. Clint explains that he has done nothing wrong, all he did was protect the family. Clint is also upset that Matt doesn’t trust him, after everything he did for Matt.

Tess returns home after spending more of Ryder’s trust fund, Ford reminds her that the money is for the baby. While Ford is in the shower, Tess calls Cutter and they make a date. When Ford is done showering, Tess takes off, leaving Ford to take care of Ryder after working all day.

Tess arrives at Cutter’s room at the motel, she is ready to have a good time until Jessica regains control of her body.

As Rex is leaving the Minute Man Motel, he runs into a crew that is filming a movie. They mistake him for an actor, when Rex tries to straighten things out he learns that the film crew was actually filming the night of Eddie’s murder. Rex demands to see the footage shot the night Eddie was killed, the director reluctantly shows Rex the film – which captured someone leaving Eddie’s room after he was killed. . .
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