Teenage Stress - What Are the Causes?

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At home, at school, at work, and with their friends, it seems like teenagers are under constant pressure.
They are under pressure to succeed, to perform, to excel, and to fit in.
And, after a while, all of the pressures and demands being placed on them can seem overwhelming.
Academic Demands School can be a pretty demanding place.
Not only do teens have to worry about getting good grades, and doing well on tests and exams, many suffer from homework overload.
College Aspirations Now days, high school freshmen are already starting to worry about choosing the right career, being able to get into a good college, and being able to afford to go to college at all.
By the time they are juniors or seniors, the pressures on a teenager to make the right decisions to ensure their future success is high.
Job Pressures On top of a heavy school load, many teenagers also have to deal with a part time, or even full time, job.
So much of their time is spent either working or doing school work that they have very little free time during which they can just relax and have fun.
Family Issues A teenager's daily life is stressful enough, even when things are good at home.
But, when a teenager has to deal with family problems (like abuse, parents who are constantly arguing, parents who are getting divorced, parents suffering from substance abuse, or a sick parent or sibling) the other pressures in their lives can be even harder to deal with.
Self Image Many teenagers feel a great deal of stress over trying to fit a certain image.
They feel like they have to look a certain way, wear the right clothes, have the right hairstyle, or drive the right car.
And they believe that, if they don't fit that image, they will be the objects of scorn and ridicule.
Peer Pressure When you're a teenager, it can be difficult not to go along with the rest of the crowd.
For example, a teenager might have no desire to smoke but, fearing their friends who smoke might think they are immature or uncool if they refuse, might give in when they are offered a cigarette.
In romantic relationships, teenagers might feel the pressure to do things they aren't ready for in order to keep from losing their boyfriend or girlfriend.
What are the Effects of Teenage Stress? As with adults, stress can cause teenagers many physical, mental, and emotional problems.
Physically, teens who feel stressed out might suffer from headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, weight gain, stomach aches, and skin problems like acne.
Teens under stress can also experience emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and low self esteem.
Finally, teens under stress can also experience behavioral problems, like drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, aggressiveness, and social withdrawal.
Teenagers are under pressure every day.
But learning to deal with teenage stress will make them healthier, happier, and better able to handle the challenges and demands of daily life.
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