Fire Stick Dance

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If you are interested in fire dancing or twirling, then you need to know more about fire stick. Some people find it very confusing when they hear about words such as spinning, twirling and dancing with fire. Many failed to find out the distinction between these moves, but you need to know that each move requires different tools like fire staff, poi, or a stick. If you will make use of poi then you are doing poi dancing where in you need poi. If you want to become a good performer, then you need to master fire dance using a fire stick. Actually, this dance or movement with the use of stick is easier compared to poi dancing.

In fire stick dancing, you gain more control on the movement of the stick unlike in poi. You need to know different skills like spinning, dancing and twirling, because these are moves that are necessary to perform well. You can acquire all of these skills while using a stick as a tool. You should only focus on just one skill, because you need to learn everything because these movements are different from each other.

If you are interested in fire dancing, then you need to know all about this art. Fire dancing is an art using different types of fire tool mentioned earlier. You need to know that fire dancing that involves fire stick requires a lot of body movements like twirling, spinning and dancing. As you perform a movement, you need a lot of space to prevent accident. If you are a newbie, then you need to practice without fire. It is focused on different subtle movements and slow rhythm with music. The good thing about using stick is that you can shift from slow to fast movement unlike in poi. In poi dancing you need to move fast, because you need to keep the rhythm and keep the momentum as you move the poi around your body.

Fire spinning is a movement that you need to do with a fire stick wherein you need to create pattern of movements around your body. A professional or expert fire spinner makes use of different technical moves like doing tricks. You will see complex moves that are very hard to distinguish by a normal viewer. In fire spinning, you need constant speed and few body movements during the performance. Some fire spinners can perform even without any music because they can perform diverse moves even in silence. A good fire spinner does not only use one stick, because they can perform using multiple sticks.

You will also hear fire twirling using fire stick, but it is the same as fire spinning. Some people associate fire twirling using poi and fire staff. A fire performance is focus on captivating the eyes and mind of people watching it. Today, movements in fire dancing are also use as exercise using stick without fire. Actually, this is a very good physical activity as it allows movement of the entire body.
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