Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

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I was introduced to the career of "Physical Therapy Assistant" after breaking my arm in a cycling accident. After having my arm in a cast for six weeks I was required by the hospital to see a Physical Therapy Assistant before my treatment was considered completed.

I had been working in a manufacturing plant at the time. The physical therapy assistant was a very amiable fellow and we got to talking about jobs. I mentioned that my job was horribly boring but the money was excellent and so were the benefits. He told me to look at other career choices and possibly go back to school.

I told him I did not want to go to school for six years which it would have taken to get a regular four-year degree. He said he felt I got along with people which I do. Now came the question I had not seen coming "why not become a physical therapy assistant".I told him I did not want to go back to school for six years to get a degree. He said I could become a physical therapy assistant with a two-year degree.

This information gave me a whole new outlook on my life. I disliked my job quite a bit and as I said really only like the money. This became a new possibility for my future. The seed had been planted. And as it's so happens, right after I got back to work I lost my job because of economic conditions.

The opportunity was before me. So then I went on my journey of gathering information regarding The Physical Therapy Assistant.

This website is a result of the culling of a tremendous amount of information that I gathered in my off time a.k.a. being laid off.

If I hadn't set this task for myself I probably would've gone crazy. Before I was laid off I have been working seven-day weeks.

Looking at the various job prospects I realized a career change was inevitable.

Various help wanted ads were looking for a minimum of an associate degree(two year degree) and yet paying between eight and nine dollars an hour!

The two year degree has become the new high school diploma. Yet, the Physical Therapy Assistant, starts on average at about $21 an hour! Within five years the fellow who was my physical therapy assistant was making more than that.

For purely a bang for the buck comparison you will not find a better net gain for a two-year degree in any field!

As we have a population booming with older people and younger people exercising much more, the physical therapy assistant has a bright future.

Lets face it, you will find no better career choice after only putting two years of college than the Physical Therapy Assistant.
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