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Motivating volunteers for Presale Car Wash Fundraisers is very important, whether you chose to have a car-wash-a-thon or presale ticket car wash you should be aware of the motivation which will be needed to get volunteers to hit the streets and makes sales.
There is more to preparation than just preparing.
As Zig Zigglar said nothing happens until someone sells something.
The success of your car wash fundraising event and the money you make will be determined before the car wash.
It's important to keep your team motivated when selling tickets.
Some people will handle rejection better than others.
For some, if five people refuse to buy tickets in a row they will want to quit.
Keep them motivated.
Tell them it's just numbers and three out of ten people will buy a ticket so if you want to sell nine tickets during week one of selling you will have to ask thirty people.
All thirty people won't say no.
If the first five people say no, hand them a flyer and ask them to come to the event if they have time during that weekend.
They may get a car wash anyway.
Let your demoralized sales person know that if the first twenty-one people say no, thank everyone of them because they are helping you get close to the thirty percent who will say yes and gladly buy a ticket.
It's a numbers game.
PEP TALKS When giving a pep talk to your group of sales people, you should use words like: Awesome, Winner, Strike, Conquer and Dominate.
These are all intensely positive words.
You will need to meet with your sales team once per week for the first two weeks of sales then two times per week for the last week.
Ask them how they are doing.
Ask and listen.
Listen for stories of success as well as failure.
Listen to complaints and compliments.
Tell them if they are having problems to go in pairs and hit twice as many people.
Suggest other possible locations.
You should practice your sample pep talks.
They may help you get further ideas.
If you are a coach, you may not even need to practice.
You are already a master motivator.
INCENTIVES There are many incentives you can give.
Start a contest for whoever gets the most pledges or sells the most tickets.
How about $50.
00 first prize, $20.
00 second through fourth prize.
Or let sales people lower the price from $5.
00 to $4.
00 after they sell twenty tickets, then to $3.
00 after they sell thirty tickets.
They'll get easier to sell and easier to win the $50.
Another incentive idea is to make every fifth ticket a different color.
You'll have to make sure to tell your printer in advance.
When a member of your group sells that off color ticket they simply keep the money.
That's the same as paying them twenty percent.
That's a good and fair commission.
You may want to consider this if you lack a sales force.
You can recruit a paid sales force from the local youth employment service.
If you are a senior citizen group and your members are a little slower than they used to be, they may not be able to physically go and knock on two hundred doors.
During your pep talks you should single out and congratulate your top three sales people in front of their peers, but never admonish any under performers in this vain.
If you are careful to motivate your sales volunteers you will find a most successful car wash fundraising event awaits you and the stress of making your budget goals erased.
Think on this.
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