How to Survive a Breakup

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Have you ever been upset about a failing relationship? Of course you have.
Many people wonder how to survive a breakup.
This article will offer tips that I have found useful.
First you need to confront your self doubt.
After a long relationship, your mind may play the conversation over and over.
You may be plagued with thoughts like, "Did I make a hasty decision" or "Was my pride the reason?" You will learn to accept a breakup a lot easier by accepting reality and yourself as you are.
Next you need to learn to deal with the hurt.
When friends try to cheer you up with funny jokes or their easy come, easy go attitude, they don't realize it's making you feel worse.
After hearing depressing songs on the radio, or viewing poetry, its easy to think you'll never love again.
Realize that by shutting yourself off from the world, it might make the situation worse.
You didn't need him or her anyway.
You don't need advice on how to survive a breakup.
The last tip I have is to realize the value of distractions.
You need to stay occupied.
Take a trip, go swimming, paint the house.
Do what it takes to keep your mind off the subject.
I hope these tips have shed some light on how to survive a breakup.
There are many methods I didn't mention but these have worked for me.
In life, you will face many disappointments, and heartbreaks.
The trick is just don't let them consume you and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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