Is There Still a Market For What You Do?

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Most people know that certain sectors of the economy have been hit harder than others, like real estate, construction, and banking.
If you've spent the last decade or two working in those industries, what are you supposed to do now? As you begin your job search and sit down to write your resume, you should ask yourself an important question: "Do any companies pay people to do what I do?" Remember five years ago when the real estate market was booming and everyone you knew was becoming a realtor? Fifteen years ago, IT was the popular industry that everyone was going into.
Both of these sectors have been profoundly affected by economic forces, although fortunately, the IT industry is now back on an upswing.
The reality is that the economy has changed.
There simply isn't a market for certain things for which there was in the past, i.
, new homes.
Some of these markets will return as the economy recovers, but some of them will never be the same.
The changing economic landscape requires workers to change and adapt along with it.
If you conclude that your career is one that needs to take a different tack, your resume should clearly demonstrate where you're going as much as where you've been.
This offers you a wonderful opportunity to reshape your career and align it closely with the type of work you most enjoy.
For instance, for our example realtor, his strong suit may have been combing data to produce excellent competitive market analyses.
This is a transferable skill that could allow him to do pricing in a different type of industry.
On the other hand, if the realtor's strong suit was staging a home, photographing it, and marketing it online, then perhaps a new career in PR and communications would be a great fit.
Many people have no choice about making a major career change, and others just have the desire to.
Whatever your circumstances, the current economy requires all of us to stop and think, "Do companies still pay people to do what I do?" If you're faced with a career change consider asking an expert for help.
Certified resume writers are trained to strategically address career changes in resumes.
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