Do I Need an Attorney?

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Undergoing an arrest can be quite a confusing and unnerving scenario.
Finding the correct balance between preserving your rights and cooperating with authorities can be challenging.
You might have numerous questions regarding the procedure and how it can impact your case.
Am I explaining too much? If you're conversing with the authorities without having a lawyer around, the answer is yes! Bear in mind that whatever you state, even when you are on the telephone or speaking to another prisoner, can be used in the case against you.
There's a huge difference between working with police (by doing the things they ask, such as sitting in the squad car, not resisting) and giving answers to their inquiries.
Staying silent is not the same in principle as not cooperating.
Be absolutely sure you let them know immediately that you would like a lawyer.
My situation doesn't seem like a big issue.
Do I seriously need a criminal defense attorney? Navigating your state's elaborate legislation and court system is better left to the professionals.
If you attempt to represent yourself, you will probably will overlook a handful of your rights, not be informed about the laws and regulations and exactly how they're utilized, and most of all, quite a few prosecutors are reluctant to strike plea deals with individuals that represent themselves.
You might not think your situation is a big problem now, but have you considered your future? A criminal history may affect your work or future qualifications you want to earn.
Adequate representation is crucial-for the situation you're in now-and for your long term future.
But the police seem friendly -- I'm sure if I just tell my side of the story they will let me go! Don't bet on it! This is on of their favorite interogation techniques.
By creating a sense of comfort, they will get you to let down your gaurd and start talking.
With your guard down, who knows what you may say? Even details that are seemingly meaningless to you can and will be used fully against you.
Do not risk your freedom, money, job and reputation by speaking to police without a lawyer.
At what time should I ask for legal counsel? Ask for an attorney right away.
In so doing you are protecting yourself by not doing any further damage to your case.
Hire a criminal defense attorney with experience within what you have been arrested for.
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