Easy and Effective Weight Loss Does Not Involve Products, Diets or Foods - It"s an Inside Job

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It turns out that the best weight loss products may not be products at all!It may simply be a better, healthier use of your time.
The number one reason people overeat is for emotional reasons and the number one emotion is stress.
The antidote to stress can't be purchased; it must be learned.
It's relaxation.
In our world, there seems to be 2 speeds:Pedal to the metal and sleep.
We scarcely take the time to go to the bathroom when we need to, much less nourish our bodies and souls.
The way to lose weight and keep it off, is to change the underlying issues and not go on another diet!The biggest problem with dieting is that it removes your coping tool--food--and doesn't replace it.
Of course you regain weight after the diet is over.
You haven't learned how to KEEP IT OFF! Here are ten EASY ways to lose that excess weight and NOT find it again.
Eat less.
You don't need separate methods of weight loss and weight maintenance.
The tools you use to take the weight off are the same tools you'll use to keep it off.
Eat healthier.
Drive by the drive through.
Eat more often.
Please don't be caught by surprise when you get hungry during the day.
It has happened to you every day of your life.
Plan for it by having healthy food available and take a moment to eat it.
Do NOT eat 4-5 small MEALS a day.
Eat 5 TIMES a day:An piece of fruit or a small slice of cheese or a few almonds--all qualify as one of the 4-5 times you eat during the day.
Go for a walk.
If you have no other exercise plan, this is the best, cheapest, easiest way to begin to get into better shape.
Walk 10 minutes in a straight line, then turn around and walk back.
Twenty minutes is about 1/100th of your day.
You have the time.
Your job is to make your own health enough of a priority that you take the time.
Feel your feelings instead of eat them.
When you have the urge to eat quickly ask yourself what you're feeling.
If it's not hunger, take a moment to feel your emotion, to ask why you're feeling it and what might you do that will really help the feeling instead of stuffing it down with food.
Always leave food on your plate.
If you clean your plate, then the food has decided when you quit eating.
Do you really want food to have that much power over you?Leaving food on your plate tells your subconscious mind that food is really no big deal anymore.
Learn how to "idle.
"We do "stop and go" very well.
Just sit and listen to music with your eyes closed, learn to meditate, play a hypnosis CD--all of these will help you slow down a bit, which will reduce your stress, which will reduce your stress eating.
Try a meat-free day occasionally.
Most Americans eat too much meat which is up to 70% fat.
Try ordering something vegetarian when dining out.
You might just like it.
Reduce your sugar and flour intake.
White flour foods turn into sugar in your mouth.
Unused sugar in your body turns into saturated fat.
Don't take it all too seriously.
Laugh more, enjoy life despite your weight, have fun and get interested in something outside of yourself.
At least once a day, pretend it's recess and GO PLAY! According to author and lecturer, Wayne Dyer, "You can never get enough of what you really don't want.
"For example, if you really want companionship, all the ice cream in the world won't provide that for you.
Begin to recognize your real needs and fulfill them and you'll automatically eat less and feel much, much better!
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