Poinsettia: The Magical Christmas Flower

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Long time ago, in the 16th century, a young lad from Mexico was on his way to a Nativity play at church.
It was the norm to take a present for the Baby Jesus, but he was too poor and had none.
His gift was weeds plucked from the roadside.
Although he was laughed at, the little boy gave his gift with love and placed it at the manger on the altar.
The weeds transformed into a beautiful array of red flowers.
From that day on, the flower was honored with being a part of Christmas flowers.
This is the Poinsettia, a magical flower of Christmas.
The Christmas flower was brought to America by Ambassador Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was based in Mexico.
He had been appointed by the then US President John Quincy Adams and tasked to purchase Texas of today.
The Mexicans were not interested in selling the land and sent Poinsett packing in 1829.
The ambassador was intrigued by the plant, which he saw for the first time on a visit to Taxco in 1828.
He christened it the Mexican Fire Plant and shipped it back home.
Poinsett promoted the flower, distributing it to friends and botanical gardens.
Before long, it was regarded as a flower for Christmas decoration.
The flower was named the Poinsettia in 1836 in honor of the Ambassador.
The flower had always been used by the Aztecs to produce dyes and as a medicinal plant.
It was called the Cuetlaxochitl.
The tales behind the flower are very interesting.
The most fascinating is the one about the little boy and how the flower transformed itself magically becoming the flower representing the miracle of Christmas.
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