Singapore Car Rental 101: Useful Information on Hiring an Exclusive Limo

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Singapore is one of the most innovative cities in Asia. The country has been profoundly influenced by multiple cultures, retaining all the best qualities of the Chinese, British, Indian, and Malay. This interesting mix of origins has created Singapore one of the most versatile places on the planet and also this diversity gave them economic success. From highly advanced skyscrapers to traditional eastern food delicacies, everything that you will see in the city oozes with sophistication and at the same time, a long-established strength that mysteriously lures people throughout the planet. One of the best approaches to increase your stay in this metro is through an exclusive limo which could provide luxury and comfort for you and your loved ones. For this reason you need a car hire company to help you out with this.

This may sound easy but searching for a decent agent might be a bit tricky particularly when you're in a place that is completely foreign to you. How do you know if the firm is absolutely trustworthy? How can you determine if the agency really can render an exclusive limo which could give just what you need? And most importantly, how could you make sure that the company can provide you with your money's worth? In the end, these services don't come in cheap so you may want to make sure that you're getting what you are spending money on. Here's a list of car rental tips that can definitely assist you with your Singapore travel.

Know your Budget to Spend.

Before you begin the hunt for the best limo rental services, make sure that you consider first the amount of cash you're happy to spend. You must know that there are plenty of rental deals in Singapore, and it will greatly help you narrow things down from a huge selection of options. Current prices range from as low as $60 to $140, depending on the type of vehicle that you will need, that will be discussed on the next part of this list.

Choose the Right Kind of Vehicle for Your Need

Are you going to travel alone or with kids? How many guests do you have? Do you really need a small car or a big one to accommodate your friends and relatives? There are plenty of different varieties of vehicles that are usually readily available in rental agencies and you must know which ones are available and which type you need.

• Sedans. These are generally luxury cars that are appropriate for a single traveler or couples. You could choose from E-class to S-class. Assured that you would discover a whole new kind of sophistication just by luxuriously riding on these elegant sedans.

• Limo Cab. In the event you truly want the best of everything, limousine taxis should be your choice. This is a first-class service that is provided through premium limos, which can totally provide you a one of a kind experience.

• Minivan. Minivans can simply accommodate approximately seven passengers without giving up the luxury and comfort that your limo service should have. These vehicles have rear seat entertainment and individual beverage holders, giving premium quality entertainment while in transit.

• Minibus. If you're expecting more than seven guests, a good choice for you is to rent a minibus. This extraordinary vehicle can fit up to 19 adults and is currently the largest luxury transportation available today.

Learn the Singapore Traffic Law.

It is very important that you are aware about the restrictions that are mandated by the law in Singapore. If you preferred driving the vehicle yourself, be sure you know how to drive in the right side of the vehicle rather than left side. Also, never make use of a cellular phone while driving. It is a crime. It is highly advisable that you hire a local driver that knows the ins and outs of the city so that you'll never have to stress yourself about these rules and about getting lost.

Inquire about the Rental Policies

Always bear in mind to double-check the agency's terms and agreement, policies, and other relevant information about their rentals. How much time will you be using their service and how much would it cost you? Are you going to use a stick shift vehicle or an automatic? Can the driver speak fluent English? Is there a speed limit? These are the things that you need to ask before agreeing to anything. It is also a good idea that you let them know about your preferences and expectations as early as possible to prevent disappointment upon arriving in Singapore.

Providing Tips to Driver are Customary

You'll be pleased to discover that the residents of Singapore highly value quality and commitment and you'll undoubtedly see this through their superb service that can be hard to find in other countries. It's only ethical that you do not forget to give the driver a minimum of 20 % tip. Look at this as your appreciation for those services rendered for you and your loved ones. In the end, these hardworking individuals deserve it. If you're the one who's driving the vehicle, just remember to return it in full tank.

Do a Car Rental Company's Background Check.

To further ensure security and safety, it would be wise to perform a little background check on the rental company that you're about to choose. The Internet is an excellent place for information like this. Make sure that the agency has a professional looking website, and you might also want to check out customers reviews. Finally, get to know them more by checking how many years are they in the industry. Select the one that has been in the business for more than 3 years because that only means that the provider truly knows what is expected of them; thus, leading you to a seamless and worry-free travel experience.

There you have it. These are the basic things that can truly assist you when it comes to picking the right kind of limo rental service in Singapore. As long as you don't spend more money than you really can afford and that you're well aware of the laws, there isn't any reason for you not to have enjoyment from this excellent city at its best. Bear in mind to allow the company or the driver know everything that you need so they can accommodate you in the most convenient way possible.
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