Cheap Whitening Teeth Products - 3 Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth Cheap

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If you're looking for cheap whitening teeth products and methods that work, you're in the right spot.
I'm going to go over the top ways to whiten your teeth on the cheap that I know of.
Whitening your teeth can be expensive and you can waste a lot of money trying to get white teeth if you don't know what works.
Use any of these products, and you'll save your time and energy...
White Strips White strips are one of my favorite cheap whitening teeth products.
They're easy to use and they typically get quick results.
The only thing is they can get quite expensive if you want the quickest results (and who doesn't).
Typically, you should see at least a few shades difference per week from white strips, and overall, they get an A from me.
Whitening Pens Whitening pens are my top choice for cheap whitening teeth products.
Reason being: they're the easiest to use, they take no time at all to apply, and they're cheap.
Did I mention they're easy to use? If you consider they only take about 5 minutes a day to use, you can see why they're my favorite compared to 30 minutes each for the other 2 top products.
They get an A plus from me.
Hydrogen Peroxide Trays Hydrogen peroxide trays work well, but honestly, given your other options, they're too much of a hassle.
Personally, I can never find the time to sit around for 30 minutes to an hour with a mouth guard in my mouth, but to each''s own I guess.
If you do use them, you will get results, but be prepared for a few hours of discomfort.
Whitening trays get a B plus from me.
So there you have it, cheap whitening teeth products that give professional results without the professional price tag.
Enjoy your new white smile and all of life's little perks that come with it.
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