How to Install a New Hard Drive in an iPod

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    • 1). Insert the tip of your case opener tool (available from any electronics store or online) in the seam between the front housing of the iPod and the back panel.

    • 2). Work your way gently around all four sides of the iPod until the two halves separate. Unplug the thin ribbon from the back panel of the iPod and set the back panel aside.

    • 3). Locate the square hard drive in the bottom half of the front housing. Lift the hard drive straight up and locate the connector ribbon on the bottom of the hard drive that connects it to the system board underneath.

    • 4). Insert the tip of your Phillips screwdriver underneath the thin tab where the hard drive ribbon connects to the motherboard. Gently pop the tab up to release the cable and remove the old hard drive.

    • 5). Replace with a new hard drive (available from your Apple retailer or online) and connect the hard drive ribbon to the motherboard and push the tab down to lock it in place. Then reassemble the iPod in the reverse order you took it apart.

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