Thai Perfumeries: The Art Of Making

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Thai perfumeries, such as fragrant lip balm, skin cosmetics, Chamod Ched, Din-sor-pong, Nam-Ob Thai, Pang Rum and Pang Puang, include both those man-made or natural fragrance.

Materials of Perfumeries

1. Plants: Fragrance may be fund from flowers, such as rose, asmine, Kra-Dung nga Thai, Kaew, or seeds such as Chan Thes, Chan fruit, or in the barks such as Chan wood, Ob-Cheuy and Chalood.

2. Animals: Fragrance found in animals is rare. Thai perfumeries maker mostly use only Chamodched, a kind of Viverridae.

3. Synthetic: Artificial fragrance is made of a mixture of chemicals to create a nature-like aroma such as rose and jasmine.

Thai Perfumeries: The Art of Making

The art of making Thai perfumeries is a reflection of Thai wisdom of how the fragrance is brewed, and how to a apply each kind of perfumery. Skill and experience are important to a quality of fragrance. Generally, there are three methods to make Thai perfumeries.

1. Vapouring (Ob) : a process of adding fragrance into a subject by storing it in a sealed container, together with fragrant candle or flowers.

Vapouring with flowers could be done in two ways: water vapouring and dry vapouring. Water vapouring is oftenly used with food, syrup, bathing water, or as part f a making of Nam Ob Thai. Dry vapouring is simple. By placing flower blossoms on the subject or place them together in a covered container, and removing them, after a while.

2. Deep vapouring (Rum): a process that uses more than one source of fragrance, to generate a mixture of wood oil, wood incense, and flowers. The Rum process is usually found in making a casket Krueng Rum (deep vapourin ingredients), including Kameyan, sugar, Pimsen, Chan oil, and Lamjiag oil.

3. Cooking (Proong): A mix of fragrances, based on talc, Pimsen, eau de perfume and Chamodched. This mixture is ground and melt in Nam- ob Thai. Other fragrance could be added. The producing of Nam-ob Thai involves all three processes, Ob, Rum and Proong.

Aroma, Beautification, and Fragrance

Thai aromatics (Krueng Pratin) include many fragrances, which are mostly applied by women rather than men. Krueng Pratin may appear in water- based such as Nam- OB Thai and Nam Proong, or oil-based such as lip wax and perfumed oil.
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