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Almost all scientific reports about Goji berries are positive so far.
Medical tests reveal certain facts about Goji and let you know how they prove beneficial for the human system.
Information below highlights some facts regarding Goji berry, which is truly in accordance with scientific research.
For those people worried much about aging, good news is that Goji lowers DNA damage.
Even if aging is one complicated process, lowering DNA damage is one strategy adopted towards anti-aging.
Polysaccharides present in Goji offer protection to testicular cells from potential damage caused due to free radicals.
Studies note that Goji berries safeguard your body from Alzheimer's disease too.
They protect neurons in your brain from the deadly beta amyloid protein.
This is another good news, particularly for parents, whose babies fall prey to Alzheimer's disease.
Reports say that the consumption of Goji about 50 grams is likely to increase the count of white blood cells.
Moreover, there is even an increase in the antibody immunoglobin A by about 75%.
A study reveals that polysaccharides in Goji berries work on increasing interleukin-2 production, which protects against bacteria and cancer.
Goji also lower insulin resistance.
Goji berries fed to diabetic animals for three weeks confirmed fall in weight along with improvement in the insulin, cholesterol and triglyceride level.
Goji berries are even good for the heart.
Antioxidants present in these berries inhibit or limit the lipid peroxidation that is one major factor causing heart disease.
With Goji in your diet, you ensure better protection of liver, since they include one compound known as cerebroside.
It protects your liver better compared to milk thistle.
Lastly, Goji is immune-stimulatory, anti-tumor and cytoprotective.
All the laboratory tests and medical reports show that Goji possess health-enhancing properties and help individuals to lead better and healthy lives free from diseases.
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