Guitar Hero 3 - A Christmas Gift of Passion

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Apparently, after he hurt his arm in a near-fatal car crash, Les Paul, the man who made Guitar Hero 3 possible, had his doctors set his arm at a ninety degree angle.
So he could continue to play guitar! That is passion.
A phenomenal number of people are hugely passionate about Guitar Hero 3.
You may be wondering why.
What is it about Guitar Hero 3 that gets people so excited? Dreams.
Guitar Hero 3 is all about tasting a fantastic dream.
You see, in this game, you get to be a rock star.
Your beginnings are humble - you practice in the garage and play the worst dives.
Then you grow your playing skills and your career flourishes.
You have money coming in so you can get better stage clothes, better guitars.
And you play better and better venues.
On the way, you get into ferocious musical battles with co-players, with players from around the world, and even with rock legends Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Slash (Guns N'Roses ).
The venues have lots of detail - the equipment, the backdrops.
It's fun to have the different scenes made out so clearly.
The audience - not so much detail.
But you know, it's just the backs of their heads we're looking at.
And they do give it hands in the air.
Ah ..
the music.
Guitar Hero 3 has tons of rock songs for you to play along to.
Some have even been re-recorded by the original artists, purely for the game.
How fabulous is that? You want to know an artist who's done that? Sex Pistols! Can you imagine!! They re-did "Anarchy in the UK".
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