How to Stop a Hipscarf From Rolling

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    • 1). Fold a square hip scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your hips. Do not knot it; knots create large, visually unattractive bumps and have a tendency to come untied, especially if the fabric is very soft or slippery like satin.

    • 2). Overlap the corners of your hip scarf and hold them in place with your forefinger and thumb. Make sure the edge is snug around your hips but not taut. Leaving room for movement will help prevent rolling.

    • 3). Use a decorative pin to secure the corners of the scarf together and to your skirt or pants. Push the pin carefully through all the layers of fabric and back through the fabric so you can see the point. Close the pin. Choose large pins in geometric shapes; these will help hold the edge of your scarf flat.

    • 4). Pin another decorative pin to the other hip if your scarf feels loose or like it is beginning to slide. Make sure the second pin complements the first. Balance out the two pins by adding several very small pins to the body of the scarf if desired.

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