Garage Door Opener - How to Cash in on the Latest Trends

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An air of despair engulfs you the moment you are asked to get out of the blanketed warmth of a chilly night to open that clunky, manually operated garage door.
Wouldn't it be great to have a genie that doubled up as a garage door opener, thus keeping you safe and sound from those inimical elements? Surprisingly, your fervent entreaties are answered in the technologically advanced shape of an automatic, electrically powered garage door opener.
Now, before thoughts of installation, parts and repairs of this remote-control operated new-age product is greeted by a mix of ignorance and trepidation, let me assure you that all your garage door opener 'how to install' fears and suspicions are sure to be attenuated perfectly.
Understanding This Hi-Tech Marvel So what's this maverick of a machine all about? Simply put, a garage door opener system is a device powered by an electric motor that opens the garage door with the simple push of a button.
The button is either connected to the electric circuit inside the house, or to a battery-operated remote controlled unit inside the car.
Most units also have a light that illuminates the garage the moment the door opens.
The marriage between a radio or infrared signal and a track and pulley system operated electric motor has sparked off quite a furor.
Making The Perfect Choice Before you let your monstrous appetite for hi-end technology dictate terms to you, here are a few important considerations:
  • There are three different mechanisms that you can choose from: chain drive, screw drive and belt drive.
    Of these three, the chain drive mechanism has mass appeal, the screw drive is the slowest, and the belt drive, being rather noiseless, comes with a hefty price tag.
  • The motor you choose must boast of enough muscle power to lift the garage door.
  • More advanced versions operate with higher speeds thus reducing the time spent outside the drive way.
  • Ensure that the computer-controlled systems are fortified with safety measures that help the system to remain alert in different circumstances.
  • The rolling codes created after each use may be decidedly random, but their raison d'être of complete security is anything but that.
  • A remote control with just one button, or something with more than one button to open multiple garage doors- the choice should be decided by function rather than fashion.
  • The importance of the security light that comes on the moment the system is activated, and illuminates the garage till you get out of the vehicle and into your house, cannot be relegated to the background.
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