Want to make money selling info-products? Change your focus and you’ll make money like crazy

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What makes your info-product sell like hot cakes? Do you have to be a big name guru to make thousands of dollars per month selling your information products online?

What makes people buy your e-book just on impulse? Is it
  1.  Its intriguing title?
  2.  Attractive cover design?
  3.  Its bulk?
  4.  Its cheap price?

 The answer to all these questions is big NO.

 Here are some more anti-sale suggestions. You do not have to
  •  Build huge opt-ins
  • Send out newsletters to sway the opinion of your members into buying your product
  • Blog on consistent basis
  • Participate in discussion forums and make yourself more visible among your peers and prospects
  • Spend hundreds or thousands of dollars  every month advertising on Google Adwords
  • Send out articles every week to promote your sites
  • Seek out affiliates, joint ventures, or testimonials
  • Pile on 50 different bonus items to your offerings
  • Build glitzy sites
  • Write florid and trapping language
  • Write bulky reports.

 These are well-trodden paths. This is not to suggest that those who walk on them do not succeed. They do succeed and this is why they walk on them.

 But there are some unconventional ways to skin the cat in the information sales business.

You can sell a mere 12-page report for as much as $97 and it flies off the shelves like crazy.

 Or, you can sell 10-12 copies of a six-page report for $24.95 on a daily basis, with minimal marketing bells and whistles.

 What the heck is the secret of creating such info-products?

 The secret lies in finding out what is driving people mad with pain and offering them a solution. Here is an example from your own day-to-day life:

 Have you ever had a sinus infection that kept you up at night, and wouldn't go away no matter what you did?

 You can't comfortably go on day-after-day with a nasal drip, a constant headache, achy gums, low-grade fever, or that stuffed head feeling.

 You'd want to stick a vacuum up your nose and suck out everything except your brain and your eyeballs.

 It's not an illness that kills you. But it will make you extremely desperate to find a solution, especially if you've gone through rounds and rounds of antibiotics, and nothing seems to be working.

 You want information that provides instant relief, whatever its size or cost.

 The moral of the story... pain is one heck of a motivator.

 But how do you identify problems that are driving people desperate with pain?

 For more information on how to identify painful problems and create info-products that sell like crazy, please visit my blog on How to make your ebooks sell?
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