How to Acquire the Wyvern's Tail Morning Star in "Baldur's Gate 2"

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    • 1). Leave the dungeon where the party is held at the beginning of the game and go to the city of Athkatla.

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      The Temple District

      Head to the Temple District and walk over towards the eastern end of the temples, where you will see a scene in which a mad prophet tries to convert people to his new religion.

    • 3). Speak with the priest of the deity Helm, who stays behind after the prophet's speech is over. Accept the priest's request to investigate the new cult.

    • 4
      The Sewers

      Walk south until you find a manhole that leads below the streets. Open the manhole and go inside the sewers.

    • 5
      The Wyvern's Tail Morning Star

      Travel to the northernmost point of the sewers, where the party will be ambushed by a group of thieves. Kill them and then take the Wyvern's Tail Morning Star from the body of the thief named Draug Fea.

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