Is LASIK Surgery Suitable For People With Bad Vision?

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If you are suffering vision problems as I was several years, I would like to first let know what I had tormented then.
This may help you know to what extent your problems are, compared with mine.
During that period, it was impossible for me to do something in the kitchen without glasses.
Still worse, I had to wear them when taking bath.
Standing away at a distance farther than 6 inches, I can even not be able to see others' faces clearly.
All what I say are true.
For example, one of my best friends is blind to some extent.
But I had even worse vision than him if I did not wear glasses.
And now the problems are much worsened.
You might be very astonished at what I have said.
Sorry to be so.
Then you may think that, serious as my eyes are, it is inappropriate for me to receive LASIK surgery.
But the fact is opposite.
Later, it is proved that the surgery is successful and my life is totally changed, for I can enjoy the brightness and naturalness of the world.
Of course, glasses are no longer needed.
And the world around me is so natural and fabulous to view with my naked eye only.
Before the surgery, tiny odds, as finding glasses every minute or put contact lens in eyes, are inseparable parts of my bygone life.
And these matters have also made me suffer a lot.
For example, wearing contacts can cause itch in my eyes; getting drops is always very troublesome.
Later, I decide to receive LASIK surgery.
After the surgery, these odds are completely bygones.
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