How to Replace the Coolant Recovery Tank in a Ford Mustang

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    Remove Old Tank

    • 1). Notice that the recovery tank is located to the side of the radiator and connects by way of a single hose. Visit your favorite auto parts store and ask for the universal fit Champ #9-1663 coolant recovery tank.

    • 2). Take a digital photo before removing the old coolant recovery tank so you will know where everything goes. Place a bowl-like container beneath the old reservoir. Remove the stovepipe by loosening the clamps with a flathead screwdriver. Move the air filter box (and the old tank's cap) out of the way and put aside to use later.

    • 3). Remove the old coolant with a fluid hand pump. Squirt this coolant into an empty coolant bottle to use later.

    • 4). Turn and remove the four bolts that hold the coolant recovery tank on the brackets with a 10mm wrench. Next, tilt the old Ford Mustang reservoir at an angle to release the three hose clamps.

    Install the New Tank

    • 1). Release the bolts holding the front-mounting bracket by taking off the two zip ties that hold the electric cable and vent hose in place. You will probably need to use a heavy-duty flashlight. This will allow you to completely take off the rear-mounting bracket.

    • 2). Move the cable out of the way to replace the rear-mounting bracket. Don't tighten the bolts yet.

    • 3). Maneuver the new coolant recovery tank around in the space where you removed the old reservoir. If the new coolant recovery tank doesn't fit, sand any rough areas with coarse sandpaper. Put in the front reservoir bolts, leaving them loose. Install the rear bolts and tighten them.

    • 4). Put the lower feed hose into place and tighten the clamp (add new if necessary). Next, do the same with the upper return hose. Follow up by putting the vent line hose in place. Apply lubricant on the seals that meet the cap on the tank.

    • 5). Add the leftover coolant. If you need more coolant, use a mixture that is 1:1 antifreeze and water until the recovery tank is just over half full. Put the coolant recovery cap in place and hand tighten it.

    • 6). Mount the air filter package in place, and put the stovepipe back onto the Ford Mustang. Take the vehicle for a test drive, and then check for leaks and correct any problems you find.

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