Surefire Ways To Stop Smoking And Get Rid Of The Addiction Once and For All

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Quitting your smoking habit is always easier said than done. The initial week is often the most difficult stage in the process due to the withdrawal symptoms that an individual had to contend with. Knowing about the most effective methods to quit smoking will therefore provide you with the most powerful tool against an ensuing addiction.

First and foremost, you need to trust in yourself that you can succeed in quitting; if not, then you will eventually go back to your old habit.

To make it easier for you to overcome this challenge, come up with a set of rewards that will keep yourself motivated. If possible, you can list it down so you can get a visual and constant reminder of why you are choosing to quit this habit. Read it daily so you can be guided or seek for support from friends or family to remind you about the need to stop smoking.

Determine a quit date that you must work hard to meet. This will enable you to work on it efficiently instead of always putting off your efforts since you cannot resist having a cigarette stick. If it is more difficult than you might have anticipated, there is nothing wrong about consulting a professional physician or psychologists to overcome the physical and psychologist barriers to your objective.

For a healthier approach, you can not just quit smoking and still adapt an unhealthy lifestyle pattern. Make sure to develop an exercise program that will relieve all stress off your body and regain vitality that were damaged by years of habitual smoking. About 30 to 40 minutes of daily exercise in 3 to 4 times a week should be enough to rebuild your health.

Since smoking directly affects your respiratory system, you can regularly perform deep breathing to boost your lung capacity. Approximately 3-5 minutes of deep breathing exercises on a daily basis should be enough to work out your lung muscles. When you couple this with visualization, it will further reinforce your focus on imagining yourself as a non-smoker.

Practically speaking, you must gradually cut back on your smoking habit while you do the above steps. One thing you need to learn is that abruptly quitting smoke won't do since it will only trigger nicotine cravings. So, do this gradually to give your body a time to adapt until it no longer craves for cigarette. You can try using CiggArest, which contains natural herb Lobelia inflata as a substitute for the highly-addictive nicotine without the harmful effects on your body.

Like cigarette, it comes with calming properties that enables you to deal with stress effectively. This is most effective when used during the first couple of weeks upon withdrawal from smoking so your body does not feel deprived.
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