The Benefits of a Tanning Salon Over Home Tanning

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The winter chills seem to bring out a longing for the carefree days of summer.
The ability to go out and play in the sun is something that many people desire as they start missing that golden tan from last summer.
You know it is time to be prepared for the upcoming short sleeve and bathing suit season, so what are you going to do about your skin now? You need to try a tanning salon to get yourself ready for summer again.
A tanning salon in a metropolitan area is going to have advantages for you to check out, versus those tiny one or two bed shops found in some beauty parlors.
These salons are focused on the business of golden skin and can offer you a wide variety of beds in which to tan.
Different beds are rated at different levels according to how strong the tanning beds lamps are, as well as other specialties that the booths offer.
Tanning salons beat home tanning for a variety of reasons.
The first is that there are usually plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right bed.
The second is that you do not have to shoulder the huge electricity bill that comes as a result of running your own bed.
The third are the supplies that you can buy.
Sure you can find some cheap lotions in discount stores, but you may not get the same results as the professional lines guarantee.
The luxury of indoor tanning to get that beautiful tan in time for summer is worth the cost of a membership, if you weigh all the options.
Another great option with the salons is that many are now have tanning booths that spray you with a fake tan.
Fake tans take the worry out of skin damage.
As you probably already know, the sun can cause a host of problems, and tanning beds can be far worse because you are in there unprotected from the Ultra Violet (UV) rays.
The tanning salon should offer more than just the basic beds in your membership package, however many do not.
They will only cover a set amount of minutes on the basic bed and you will have to pay more to be able to use the specialty beds and booths.
If you are not happy with your package, then you can always go to another salon and see what their membership packages have to offer.
It is your money and body to use as you see fit.
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