Must-Have Elements For a Good Website

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What makes a good website? Well, some of you might say a good website must be function-riched; others might think different and says that a good website must be nicely design, or fresh contents, or info-riched, or...
the list goes on.
Apparently, we can never have clear guidelines on a good website as different people have different preferences.
"Good" is something subjective thus it's pretty tough for us to define.
Nevertheless, regardless of people's preferences, there are five essential elements that you cannot afford to miss if you wish to server a good website to your users.
Consistent Design and Writing Styles Firstly a good website should always have a consistent style of content and design.
Changing font colors and tone of writing from page to page will give weird feelings to your web users.
Inconsistent stance on certain and change of tone in your writing style will definitely confuse your web users and harm the site creditability.
User Friendly Navigation Secondly, a good website needs a proper navigation.
Imagine your website as your garden; you do not want your users to lost middle in the way unless you're planning to build a maze.
Good site navigation will assure pleasant user experience and smooth information flow from the web publisher to the users.
As a common standard (but not a must) of web designs, main navigations are often placed on top or on the side of website first fold for user convenience.
Also, on top of proper designed site navigation, an on-site search function will be a huge plus.
A search function allows your users to get his/her desired page faster; a search function allows your buried deep content to get on top of the surface; a search function allows web owners to keep track on what he wrote previously easily.
There are tons of ways to place a search bar on your website without knowing any programming skills.
Google on-site search bar is a very good tool where very webmaster should use.
Reliable Web Hosting Thirdly, a reliable web hosting is a must for all websites.
Fast response time, reliable server uptime - all these are must have for a good website.
Your website must be accessible all the time and users should not be waiting too long for the website to response.
Picking up a reliable web hosting is crucial for starter websites, upgrading your hosting plans or improving your own server resources are some of the instant step you can take to improve.
Accuracy of Information Accuracy is the fourth important element for a good website.
You might not have too much time organizing your website but the info served should be accurate and up to date always.
Your users are there to obtain information and it's no good at all if you're serving incorrect info to them.
Contacts and Creditability Last but not least, give your web visitors a change to contact you.
Unless you are trying to con your web users, else your website contacts should be displayed with extra care and attention.
Make sure that you placed your contacts, such as emails and phone number, are properly displayed.
This is very important so that you web visitors can contact you if they feel the need to.
Conclusion Listed above are the top five elements that a good website must have.
Does your website have it all? You better start working on them if the answer is no.
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