How to Draw a Corvette Car

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    Drawing the Corvette

    • 1). Find a place where you can get an actual three-dimensional view of the Corvette. This means that you do not want to draw from a spot that is located only a few feet away from the front grille or from a point that is directly broadside. These locations will only yield a two-dimensional viewpoint. Your best bet is to stand (or pull up a chair) at a point located off the right or left front corners of the sports car.

    • 2). Draw the front portion of the Corvette, including the headlights, grille and bumper. Make a few sketches of just the front end to break the ice and get the creative juices flowing.

    • 3). Draw the side portion of the Corvette that is nearest to you. Make this a completely separate drawing from the one in the previous step. Include the door, two tires and part of the the elongated hood that makes this automobile so unique. It might be helpful to make several renderings of the side view.

    • 4). Make some contour (line drawing) sketches of the entire car. You should do this from the same viewpoint as the other sketches. (You may prefer to begin with the contour drawing and then attempt the more detailed side and front drawings afterward.)

    • 5). Make a complete drawing of the Corvette using the front and side drawings as guidelines. Pay special attention to the receding lines that move away from the nearest headlight in both directions, toward the far front corner and toward the rear of the car.

    • 6). Keep proportion in mind when drawing the Corvette. You will be faced with many places that must be correctly revealed in relation to the other parts of the car. Pay special attention to a few potential trouble spots. Make sure you draw the tires in correct proportion. And when you draw the windshield, make sure that the end closer to you is larger than the far end.

    • 7). Finish your drawing by using different grades of pencils to shade in your drawing. Pencils are graded by hardness. Use the harder pencils for the highlights and the softer ones for the shadow areas.

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