Biofuels, Renewable Fuels? - What"s the Big Deal?

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As we continue to be dependent on fossil fuels and our environment suffers from its ill affects, people are seriously talking about biofuels, alternative fuel, and renewable fuels but what's the big deal? What are bio fuels? Bio fuels are formed when biological matter decomposes -such as plant matter - and can exist as a solid, liquid or gas.
Why are they so good? Unlike fossil fuels which we currently use, bio fuels: o Can be made in a matter of days as opposed to fossil fuels which take millions of years to build o Are safer compared to fossil fuels which produce pollution and harm emissions o Unlike fossil fuels, are a renewable source of energy which means that they can continually produce more energy Types of bio fuels Bio fuels are divided into 4 different categories: 1.
First generation - are derived from food-crops and animal fats in forms such as vegetable starch, sugars, and fats.
Second generation - are derived from waste biomass in the forms of alcohol and diesel generated from wood fall.
Third generation - are derived from algae farmed on large scales.
This form of bio fuel is extremely environmental friendly as the by product will just decompose into the soil.
Forth generation - are derived by micro-organisms that interact with carbon dioxide to make bio fuels.
Why should we care With fossil fuel prices continually increasing and our environment deteriorating because of the fuels harmful emissions we need to start to take action.
With the economy starting to become unstable the last thing you should have to worry about is your utility bill.
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