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Welcome to this article, where you can cultivate some ideas on what to write about.
Frequently I have been asked questions by people regarding what to write about in their newsletter.
So in today's article we are going to cover some ideas to get the creative lights flickering.
I was once a Loan Officer in Chicago, and like many industries, there was great competition and constant change.
While industry change can be difficult to keep up with, the good thing about it is that it gives you something to write about, sometimes more than you have room to cover in your newsletter.
Think to yourself about interesting changes in market position plays you are hearing about in your industry, or other headlines that catch peoples attention.
In the mortgage business it was the interest rate, and the points.
The interest rate was constantly changing, and customers wanted to know how to react to it.
Likewise, for Real Estate agents, the local real estate market is changing.
For a Church it may be a new program for children.
The point is if you take just 10 minutes while in your office and simply listen (just take a 10 minute break if you can) you might get some ideas while listening to everyone else talking or during a meeting since more than likely some of what you hear will be about business.
Another idea, especially if you are new to the industry is to ask a more senior colleague if they know of any recent developments or topics of high interest.
Even a new product or service which is offered could be the topic you need.
You could also consider having a brainstorming session with others in your industry.
One thing that you may think sounds nerdy is to carry around a folded 8 & 1/2" x 11" piece of folded paper in your pocket with a pen (no pocket protector required:) You are bound to hear something of interest in the office or when talking with someone on the telephone during the day.
Just jot it down when it comes to you before you forget.
If carrying around a paper and pen is to nerdy for your tastes, you can text message new ideas to yourself if you have a cell phone.
For some reason my best brainstorming comes to me at night when I am trying to sleep - my brain just starts generating ideas sometimes and I keep my cell phone near-by to text the ideas to my email account to read in the morning.
A good resource that many people may not have thought about to use is 'Yahoo Answers' - but what is it & how can it help you brainstorm for ideas? Yahoo's Answers service is a question and answer platform that is free to use.
Just go to http://answers.
Then you can type in the category or keyword for the field you work in, and see if people have been asking specific questions about things you know the answer to, or think would be something of interest to your subscribers.
It is a really really powerful service which you can use to get article ideas for topics that real people are posting specific questions about.
Beyond the ideas mentioned in this article, there are many other ways to come up with ideas on topics to write about too.
Just remember, depending on how many articles you decide to include in your newsletter you will probably only need a few ideas for articles to write about, and also remember that NOT ALL OF YOUR ARTICLES HAVE TO SPECIFICALLY BE ABOUT YOUR FIELD DIRECTLY.
For instance, you can have one main feature article on changes coming up in your industry (an informative purpose), a second article that focuses on educating the subscriber on how something in your industry is done (an educational purpose), and also a third article motivating the subscriber to take action (a motivational purpose) - this article doesn't need to be about your industry but about motivation.
Adding at least one article for each purpose to your newsletter consistently can help you build your theme or template of which articles you will need to include in each issue you provide.
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