O2 Cocoon - For the People Who Want Both Looks and Functionality

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O2 is one of the names which strikes your mind when it comes to Windows Mobile based smart phones.
This is also a company which is known to stick to the candy bar form factor, primarily due to the fact that it makes use of touch screen devices.
With the O2 Cocoon however the things have changed to a remarkable degree.
The company not only moves away from the candy bar form factor to the clamshell one, it has also done major changes on the software front.
O2 Cocoon is being marketed as a feature phone which comes with a lot of good looks.
Its pristine white body along with the black sides made the phone look remarkable.
The main thing that would make people stop and take notice however is the display on the outer side of the clamshell.
The phone comes with a blue colored OLED display.
It looks a stunner against the white shell of the phone.
The phone is made of plastic and there is absolutely no denying this fact.
The truth is that the Cocoon is made of good quality plastic.
You would not get the clunky and plasticy you get when holding any other of the phones made of plastic.
Keeping up with its tradition, the company has delivered a product that boasts sturdy build quality.
If you buy this phone you are buying a product which miht look like and egg shell but is not that fragile by any means.
O2 also delivers the 'Nest' with the Cocoon.
The Nest is actually a docking cradle for the phone.
Again this is made of the same pristine white color as the phone itself.
When in the nest the phone can double up as an alarm clock.
It can have radio alarm functionality so that when you get up, you get to heat some of your favorite tunes.
The phone by itself is a complete MP3 player with the capacity to store around 500 tracks.
The nest also charges the phone.
O2 even further and named the Silent mode as Cocoon mode.
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