Dracaena Cincta Propagation

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    Tip Cuttings

    • Cuttings taken from Dracaena cincta and other species of Dracaena root readily under proper conditions. Tip cuttings should be removed from fresh, leafy growth at the tips of stems and will root best when taken in spring and summer when growth is most active. The lower leaves are removed from the cutting and cuttings are placed upright in a growing tray containing moist, sandy peat soil. The tray should be covered with plastic and placed in a location with a temperature between 68 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding sun exposure.

    Cane Cuttings

    • When canes are thick, it is appropriate to take leafless cane cuttings that are about 2 to 3 inches long. These are laid down horizontally in potting mix, but only half of the stem should be buried. Roots and stems will grow vertically from the cane and may produce two shoots per cane, making a double-stemmed plant. Place it in a warm, sunny area and provide plenty of water. The application of rooting hormones can aid in the success of rooting stems.


    • Dracaena cincta will thrive in a range of conditions, from low light to full sun. Although the plant grows most vigorously in full sunshine, it tends to produce more colors and will do just fine in an indoor, low-light environment. Water when the top 1/2 to 1 inch of soil is dry, and provide less water in winter when growth has slowed. Dracaena cincta can live for many years, but is not likely to flower very much when kept indoors. It can grow up to 15 feet tall if its growth is not controlled.


    • Dracaena plants are popular selections as houseplants or office plants. When growing them indoors, you may need to occasionally prune the plants in spring. When the top growth of leaves is removed for propagation or pruning, side shoots will develop and produce rosettes of foliage at their tops. The tricolor and colorama cultivars produce leaves with green, red and yellow color patterns.

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Dracaena Cincta Propagation