Phoenix Lawn Care, a Way to Keep Your Landscaping Design Beautiful Forever

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After you have installed a pretty landscaping design, now the time comes to the maintenance. Never think that, your work is all finished after you have done with a beautiful landscaping. The lawn care is as much important as your landscaping design. Undoubtedly, you have to put that much of the effort that you have put on towards selecting the design as well as the eminent chandler landscaping contractors.

In this case, our landscaping maintenance experts can advise you some tips.

-Definitely, first of all, the trees planted to need proper mowing.

-Besides mowing, the three special ingredients are fertilizer, water and sunlight. As sunlight here is not a matter to worry, we have to be more focus on the factors that are under our control, the proper utilization of fertilizer and the timing irrigation. All these will have a great impact on all types of plants you rooted.

Supplying dry land with water

- Here the hand water is necessary after, once the lawn is established. Watering by your hand you can completely cover the outer edges and water can reach to every corner so that it prevents the sod from drying out.

-You need to irrigate the newly made lawn properly. Try to prevent the heavy use of the lawn for the first three weeks so that the roots can knit strongly. Earlier the plants need more water supplies however, it decreases gradually. The best time for irrigation is early morning as the rate of evaporation is low at this time.

Provide with fertilizers

-You should apply fertilizers on monthly basis. Fertilizers that include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium must be in a ratio 3:1:2. Always try to apply the fertilizer in proper proportion.

Mowing is as important as irrigation and fertilizing. The first mowing must carry out after 2-3 weeks from the day of installation. Cut at least one inch from the top of the grass. Proper mowing helps the grass to grow beautifully.

Your established lawn can be grown smoothly and properly if it is managed in good order. Do not apply fertilizers before four to five weeks of overseeding. Reduce the water supply rate two weeks before the overseeding.

-how much irrigation the trees need that totally depends upon the types of species, its age, the composition of soil and finally the season. Starting from the day of plantation up to 2 weeks, you have to supply water daily without a miss. Then your irrigation completely depends on the observation. Following all these tips by phoenix lawn care, you can be the possessor of a great landscaping.
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