How to Make Animals Out of Receiving Blankets

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    • 1). Fold your child's favorite receiving blanket in half to form a triangle. Place it on a flat surface with the point facing you and the base on top. Fold that triangle in half again.

    • 2). Mark with the pencil at the top of the fold formed from the base edge, then unfold once so you are back to the first triangle. Measure and make two pencil marks, 2 1/2 inches on either side of the first mark.

    • 3). Thread your needle, and have it nearby. You will only be placing about 14 stitches (seven per ear), and a few in other places, but you may want to double your thread for strength.

    • 4). Gather a 1-inch high fold of fabric from the receiving blanket on either side of one of the outer marks to form an ear. Hold the pinched fabric together in your nondominant hand.

    • 5). Sew five stitches around the base of the ear or about 1 inch from the tip. Place the next stitch across the front of the ear and the last stitch so it can be tied off on the inside of the blanket. Cut the thread, and follow the same procedure with the second ear.

    • 6). Wad the second receiving blanket tightly into a ball. Wrap the receiving blanket with the ears over the ball to create the head, so that the ears are evenly centered. Tie the length of ribbon around the neck, first in a tight knot to hold the head in place, then in a secure bow. Place a couple of small stitches to tack the bow in place and for extra security. Trim any excess ribbon, cutting at an angle to avoid fraying.

    • 7). Tie a knot in two corners of the receiving blanket to form your animal's arms. Cut paws from felt, and stitch them in place over the knots.

    • 8). Using embroidery floss, hand-stitch eyes, a nose and mouth to the receiving blanket animal to make the face of a bear, or add whiskers if your child would prefer a cat.

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