How to Flatten Your Tummy With Flow Yoga

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Do you want to know a way to lose that belly fat? Yoga has become a popular way to lose weight and burn body fat.
Yoga will also help you to reduce stress, which is known to cause weight gain.
It will improve your muscle tone, flexibility, and strength.
Flow Yoga is the best yoga exercise to lose weight.
Some of these exercises are Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Power Yoga.
You should do 30 minutes of Yoga each day for it to work.
Here are some yoga poses that will help you lose weight, flatten your tummy, and reduce stress.
Trikonasana: Put your palms and feet on the ground and your head facing your feet.
Your body should be in a V shape.
Bring your left foot to your left palm.
Then raise your right palm from the ground and point at the ceiling.
Now twist your head to look at the ceiling.
Lower your head and arm and put your palm back on the ground.
Step back with your left foot and return to your V shape position.
Repeat this process with the opposite side.
Ardha Kapotasana: Sit down on your heels with your legs folded under you.
Straighten one leg out behind you.
Lay your palms in front of your body and rotate on your front leg so your heel is away from your groin area.
Inhale while stretching all the way back so you are facing up.
Hold this position for 30 seconds.
Return to the position you started from.
Repeat this same process with your opposite side.
Ardha Sarvangasana: Lay down on your back.
Lift your legs up straight until your weight is on your upper back and shoulders.
Support your lower back with your hands while your elbows rest on the floor.
Hold this position for 10 deep breaths.
Return back to your starting position.
Repeat the process.
Suryanamaskar: Start with your feet together and your palms together near your heart.
While raising your arms above your head, inhale and stretch backwards slowly.
Next exhale and bend forward and touch the ground in front of your feet with your head touching your knees.
Inhale and step back with your right foot and stretch your back so you are looking straight up.
Exhale and step back with your left foot matching the right one and form the V shape with your body.
Keep your head down looking down at your feet.
Keep exhaling and put your head, chest, and hands, feet, and knees on the ground.
Then inhale and stretch back so you are looking straight up.
Now exhale and go back to the V shape with your head looking straight down.
Inhale again and bring your left leg in close with your foot between your hands on the ground and stretch back so you are straight up.
Exhale again and bring your feet together with your head touching your knees.
Inhale again and straighten up your body while raising your arms above your head and stretch back slowly.
Return to your starting position and repeat.
Yoga should be done in conjunction with cardio exercises to get maximum belly fat loss results.
It has been proven that people who do Yoga have less unhealthy eating habits.
The deep breathing with this exercise helps improve your mood and reduce your stress levels.
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