How to Inscribe Stone

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    • 1). Prepare your work surface before you begin inscribing. Ideally, you should use a sturdy, flat space to work on.

    • 2). Choose an appropriate stone to work with. Stones that are either jagged or covered in bumps are far more difficult to inscribe. A smooth, flat piece of stone is more suitable for inscribing.

    • 3). Write out your inscription using pencil so you can see what your final inscription will look like. Make special note of any mistakes made during this step so you can take care not to make the same errors once you begin the engraving.

    • 4). Begin inscribing your message using the electric engraver. Make sure you have taken all the necessary safety precautions and that you are wearing the protective goggles. Allow yourself to get a feel for the engraver so you'll know how much pressure to apply.

    • 5). Dampen a cloth and slowly wipe around your inscription to remove any excess dust. Allow the stone to cool before washing it.

    • 6). Wash the stone with water and a cloth once it has cooled.

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