Some Questions on Paid Character Transfers in World of Warcraft

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Blizzard will be allowing PvE to PvP Paid Character Transfers on a full-time basis to provide players with more mobility and freedom to easily play with their friends.
They are just opening the option to transfer characters on normal realms to Player-vs.
-Player realm.
Now I'd like to talk some questions on how this service works.
The Paid Character Transfer means you can move your characters to other WoW realms.
Normally it costs of each paid character transfer is about 15 pounds.
Its initial launch just allows transfer between limited realms, with this brand new feature, they decided to release paid character transfers to the public and the list will be expanded gradually.
If you could not find a realm you wanted, don't worry, please note that Blizzard have reserve the right to explain the variety of reasons are: maybe the realm is full at that time; it has less than 180 days since the realm was launched; there might be an upcoming character migration to this realm is for free.
So you need to check back regularly for new availability.
However some time there may be some technical reasons make they are unable to implement transfers to certain realms at certain times.
Contact with Blizzard, get the allowing you the widest selection of destinations.
It seems it allows a much greater degree of freedom, however there are still some restrictions including: a character's mailbox and auctions must be completely empty before that character can be transferred; a character that is the leader of a guild may not be transferred as long as he or she remains the leader.
If you wish to transfer character that is currently a guild leader you must transfer leadership to another member or disband your guild.
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