Garmin 1490LMT: Extra Wide Portable GPS Navigator

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Garmin nüvi 1490LMT is a portable GPS navigator with 5 inch wide display.
The touchscreen display of this GPS navigator allows you to interactively view driving directions, photos, and map details in astonishing colors.
Although having large screen, this GPS navigators is extremely thin and lightweight.
This device sports helpful features such as spoken street names, multiple-point routing, pedestrian routing options, ecoRoute (a feature which helps you to find the most possible fuel-efficient route), and lane assist with junction view which helps you to deal with highway interchanges.
With the latter feature, now it will be easier for you to find turns or exits in unfamiliar highways.
This surely will save your precious time - being lost in highways without knowing which way to turn is taking time and very distressing.
When activated, Garmin nüvi 1490LMT will serve you with two tasks to choose: "Where To?" and "View Map".
Any options you choose will bring you to detailed directions of your required addresses and services.
Each Garmin nüvi 1490LMT is equipped with City Navigator NT street maps which include maps in 2D or 3D with almost 6 millions points of interest (POI).
For several major highways, you can even find the information about speed limits.
When zoomed, the digital elevation map of this GPS navigator will show you shaded contours which make you aware of the terrains around you.
Thanks to HotFix satellite connectivity, this 1490 model can detect your position in a fast way and is able to provide you with fast and accurate information.
Compared to 1450 model, this 1490LMT model is more advanced.
This device is also equipped with Bluetooth as well as Lifetime Maps and Traffic.
Its built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity along with integrated microphone and speaker allows you to make hands-free calling.
You will only need to pair the device with a compatible Bluetooth phone and you can make a hands-free call while keep concentrating on the road.
You don't need to operate the phone as you will only need to dial your desired number on the GPS tracker's display.
Answering calls is even easier.
You just need to tap the Garmin nüvi 1490LMT display and speak into the built-in microphone.
Having a Garmin nüvi 1490LMT, you don't need to worry to have out of date details of road and street maps.
Thanks to its free Lifetime Map and traffic updates, you can always keep up with the latest maps, POIs, and navigation info.
You will not have to pay any fees or subscription to download map updates and update traffic information.
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