Smoke hoods - Better Safe than Sorry!

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Smoke Hoods - Better Safe than Sorry!

Smoke hoods are types of masks. They are worn to prevent the damaging or long lasting health hazards of the compounds formed due to combustion. Most smoke hoods have on or the other different types of systems. Smoke hoods prevent you from inhaling harmful carbon mono-oxide and help change it into safe carbon dioxide.

Smoke hoods provide you with protection against many other chemicals; hydrogen chloride, ammonia as well as hydrogen sulfide. One of the most important things in Smoke hoods is their filters. The rise in fire accidents and disasters has been on the rise. To prevent excessive loss of life, apart from safe exits, fire extinguishers and emergency exits smoke hoods are now also considered necessary. One of the reasons why people prefer smoke hoods nowadays is because they provide you with 20 – 25 minutes of safe, clean air which you can inhale.

However, after that, the smoke hood may begin to lose its oxygen supply, after which it will reduce and deflate and must be removed in time because it may cause suffocation and inability to breathe properly. Since fire exits are hard to get to if you are in some difficult part of the building there should be a number of smoke hoods available to prevent the life hazards caused by smoke.

Some places where Smoke hoods might be necessary:
  1. Tall buildings:

Although there should be fire exits in every building to ensure the safety and a definite escape route for the people in case of a fire, there should also be smoke hoods or oxygen masks in the building. Smoke hoods prevent us from many harmful, breathing disabilities in the future and help avoid complications.
  1. Hospitals:

In hospitals there reside a number of heart patients and patients with weak lungs or lung problems therefore smoke hoods should necessarily be present in every hospital; big or small type.
  1. Industries:

For the manufacture of synthetic material many different types of toxic or hazardous chemicals are used, thus there should be a fair number of smoke hoods present in industries. Many of the chemicals used are flammable and need to be managed extremely carefully and are sometimes the cause of many fire outbreaks.
  1. Hotels:

Hotels are most important places where the availability of smoke hoods should be ensured so that the people can be avoid panic and chaos during a fire. Hotels have a large number people of staying in them; there should be extra smoke hoods and oxygen masks present, not to mention fire extinguishers, fire exits and more than one means of visible exits.

Smoke hoods are a highly essential part of a building especially if it is high rising. The risk of loss of life can be prevented by offering smoke hoods and having enough available for all the occupants of the building. The best thing to do even if you have enough smoke hoods in hand is to call the fire department and especially a nearby hospital in case of a fire.
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