How to Install Glass Tile on Substrate Drywall

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    • 1). Clean the back of your glass tiles with a dry cloth to remove any debris or moisture. Set the glass tile aside.

    • 2). Apply the mortar to the drywall substrate with a square notch trowel. Cover the edges of the drywall with the mortar. Smooth away the ridges left from your trowel, and finish with a thin, consistent bond coat of 1/8 inch.

    • 3). Apply the mortar with your square notch trowel to the entire back of a glass tile. Smooth away the ridges left from the trowel.

    • 4). Place the glass tile onto the mortar-covered drywall. Apply the tiles to the bed of mortar with firm even pressure. Tap the tile into place with a beating block or grout float. Repeat with all your tiles.

    • 5). Let cure for 48 to 72 hours.

    • 6). Clean the surface of your tiles thoroughly before and during the grouting process.

    • 7). Mix the grout according to manufacturer's instructions and apply it between all tiles, wiping it off the tiles with a soft cloth.

    • 8). Let the grout set for 24 hours.

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