How to Make Digital People on Gimp

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    • 1). Click the "Tools" panel icon shaped like a rectangle to run the Rectangular selection tool. Drag on the canvas to draw a square selection region about one-sixth the height of the canvas, near the canvas's top. This shape represents the rib cage.

    • 2). Draw a square the same size as the rib cage square, directly below that square. The new square represents the midsection and pelvis.

    • 3). Click the "Tools" panel icon shaped like an ellipse to run the Elliptical selection tool. Drag the mouse to create an oval above the square such that the oval's top is one square length above the square. Make the oval's height about 1.5 times its width. This shape represents the head.

    • 4). Draw an oval slightly to the left of the rib cage, with the same height as the rib cage. Make the oval's width about one-quarter its height. This shape represents the upper left arm.

    • 5). Draw an oval extending down from the upper arm oval to the bottom edge of the pelvis square. Make this oval's width the same as that of the upper arm oval. This shape forms the lower left arm.

    • 6). Draw an oval the same width as the arm ovals, extending from the bottom of the lower arm oval to about half the height of the rib cage square. This step creates the left hand.

    • 7). Use the instructions from the previous three steps to draw the right arm and hand.

    • 8). Drag the ruler above the canvas down until the distance between the ruler and the bottom of the pelvis equals the distance between the bottom of the pelvis to the top of the head. This guideline indicates where the feet will go.

    • 9). Draw an oval that extends from the bottom of the pelvis on its left half, to halfway down to the feet guideline. This is the left thigh.

    • 10

      Draw an oval from the bottom of the thigh oval to slightly above the feet guideline. This forms the lower leg. Draw an oval extending from the lower leg's bottom to the guideline to depict the left foot, then use the instructions from the previous step and this step to create the right leg and foot.

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