Finding the Right Sleeping Bag Can Make a Huge Difference

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Did you spend the night tossing and turning longing to be home

trips are meant to be a great adventures, but finding the comfor one you pick out,shouldn't be hard . Don't go on your next camping trip without the perfect sleeping bag, visit the topsleepingbagsreviews for the latest in sleeping bag reviews. We provide non-biased reviews on the most popular and affordable sleeping bags- and we don't stop there! We offer the best in low priced durable and that won't keep you up all night. Why spend your next camping trip wishing you were home in bed?

Get the information you need to buy a sleeping bag that will give you the comfort you and deserve. Your camping trip was meant to be a get experience,and to be comfortable for good night sleep

Here is a preview what you will see

The Coleman Company with almost a century to its name in terms of manufacturing quality outdoor gears is known for its innovative, well-researched quality products which is a big breakthrough in their field. One great camping buddy is the Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag which is just appropriate for cool-weather camping and a must-have for beginners, occasional or the more seasoned campers.

Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bags come in a wide array of styles and variety to choose from. First factor to consider in selecting the right Coleman sleeping bag is the environment where the bag will be used, then the location of camping ground and the changing weather conditions. Camper's needs must also be ascertained.

Product Features:

1.There for are made for camping temperatures between 30-50 degrees
2. Rectangular in shape measuring 33"W x 75"L and fits up to 5'11
3. Durably made of polyester cover with soft tricot fiber liner
4. With 3 pounds ColeTherm insulation system
5. Comes with a QuickCord storage system for easy upkeep - no tie
6. With ZipPlow which keeps fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags
7. FiberLock prevents shifting insulation thus keeping warmth in and
increases durability
8. Comfort Cuff allows for a surrounding softness
9. ThermoLock through its zipper aids in heat loss reduction
10. Zipper Glide allows for smooth zipper operation along corners
11. Roll Control for easy rolling and storage

please take look and see what you get for your money and for the comfort that need to sleep in and also you get the por cons of the bags and affordable price that you can on your budjet

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