Who Is "Days of Our Lives" E.J. DiMera?

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Portrayed by:
  • Dillon, Vincent, and Avalon Ragone (February 21, 1997 - April 1998)
  • James Scott (May 30, 2006 - Present)

Other Names Used:
  • John Black Jr. (birth name)
  • Elvis Aaron Banks
  • E.J. Wells (name used when he returned to Salem as an adult)
  • Elvis John (nickname given by John)
  • Elvis Junior DiMera
  • Junior (Bo's name for him)

Previous Address:

110 Guilford Street, Apt. 36
Salem, USA

Present Address:

DiMera Mansion
430 Lakeview Dr.

Salem, USA

  • Racecar Driver (past)
  • CEO of Mythic Communications (past)
  • Attorney

  • Susan Banks (mother)
  • Stefano DiMera (father)

Other Relatives:
  • Santo DiMera (grandfather, deceased)
  • Renee DuMonde (paternal half-sister, deceased)
  • Megan Hathaway (paternal half-sister, deceased)
  • Dr. Alexandra "Lexie" Carver (paternal half-sister)
  • Benjy Hawk (paternal half-brother, deceased)
  • Andre DiMera (paternal cousin, deceased)
  • Sister Mary Moira Banks (maternal aunt)
  • Penelope Kent (maternal aunt, deceased)
  • Thomas Banks (maternal uncle)
  • Theodore "Theo" Carver (paternal half-nephew)
  • Unnamed Hawk (paternal half-nephew, via Benji)
  • John Black (paternal half-uncle)
*It is noteworthy to mention that although Tony DiMera is not a DiMera by blood, Stefano raised him as his son and E.J. has always thought ot Tony as a brother.
  • Kate Roberts (brief affair)
  • Samantha "Sami" Brady (dated, raped, married, annulled)
  • Billie Reed (brief flirtation)
  • Unnamed woman in Mexico (brief fling, while on the run for shooting John Black)

Crimes Committed:
  • Killed Officer Eve Michaels
  • Swapped Philip Kiriakis and Shawn Brady's sperm samples at the lab
  • Tampered with Max Brady's racecar, which resulted in an explosion
  • Exposed Steve and Kayla Johnson to poisonous gas
  • Shot John Black, leaving him comatose for five months
  • Forced Sami Brady to succumb to his sexual advances
  • Beat up Patrick Lockhart
  • Tortured and Brainwashed Steve Johnson
  • Forced Steve to take a comatose John from the hospital and take his kidney
  • Violated numerous SEC Mythic Communication codes
  • Ran Kayla off the road
  • Bugged Bo and Hope's house
  • Chloroformed Sami Brady Roberts
  • Locked Lucas Roberts in a freezer truck
  • Hired a hit man to kill Philip Kiriakis
  • Accessory to kidnapping Stephanie Johnson
  • Took over drug operation in Salem.
  • Orchestrated his daughter Sydney's kidnapping.

Character Description

E.J. DiMera is perhaps one of the most dramatically aged characters in the history of DAYS. Born in 1997 to Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera, he returned to Salem as a twenty-something adult in 2006. At the time of his birth, Susan was hired by Stefano to impersonate Kristen DiMera, Stefano's adoptive daughter who miscarried John Black's baby. Susan initially believed that Elvis Presley was her baby's father, but the truth eventually came out that Stefano was the one who fathered her baby via artificial insemination. Kristen's misdeeds were eventually exposed, and Susan fell in love with Edward Crumb and returned to England with little Elvis. E.J. was partly brought up by Susan, but Stefano also had a significant involvement in his upbringing at Maison Blanche. During much of E.J.'s childhood, Stefano enrolled him in English boarding schools, took him to operas, and molded him into the DiMera way of life.

EJ returned to Salem in 2006 and was introduced as E.J. Wells, a racecar driver. He moved across the hall from Sami Brady, who was involved with Austin Reed at the time. Unbeknownst to all of Salem, E.J. was Stefano DiMera's son sent to Salem to do his father's bidding. Most importantly, Stefano made it clear that E.J.'s sole purpose in Salem was to plant his DiMera seed into the Brady woman of his choice.

E.J. appeared as a nice guy, but he was the evil mastermind behind all the "gloved hand" crimes with the help of his accomplice Patrick Lockhart. Right before Sami's wedding to Austin, she began receiving blackmail notes from the gloved hand. She called off her wedding to Austin when the gloved hand threatened to expose her dirty deeds.

Meanwhile, Kate Roberts became business partners and lovers with E.J. and convinced him to try and lure Sami away from Lucas, who realized he was still in love with Sami. E.J. asked Sami out on a date, which she accepted. Lucas and his son Will engaged in childhood pranks in order to ruin the date.

Sami accepted a job working for E.J. at Mythic Communications. During a business trip to Talladega, she was horrified to realize that he was indeed a DiMera and feared for her life. At the same time, John and Marlena flew to Italy to visit an ill Stefano in the hospital. They also realized that E.J. was Stefano's son when they noticed a picture of Susan, Stefano, and little Elvis on his bed table. John relayed the news to the Salem P.D., but they were unsuccessful in linking E.J. to the death of Officer Eve Michaels.

Bo asked a reluctant Sami to help out in nailing E.J., who had also hired Shawn Brady to be a courier delivering messages between himself and Patrick Lockhart. She kissed him at his place in order to convince him of her sincerity, but he came back over to her apartment and nearly raped her. Luckily, Lucas saved her.

Sami lured E.J. to a warehouse one night in an effort to bring him down. E.J. met up with John Black and was under Stefano's orders to kill John. He shot John, and the crime was witnessed by Tek Cramer, who disappeared from Salem a month later. E.J. soon encountered Sami and forced her at gunpoint to help him get through the police roadblock in Lexie's car. Afterward, he forced Sami to have sex with him in exchange for saving Lucas's life. After this incident, E.J. fled to Mexico.


E.J. returned to Salem, where the police had no sufficient evidence to link him to John's shooting. In order to stay close to Sami, E.J. hired Lucas to work for Mythic. While leafing through Sami's trash one day, he discovered that Sami was indeed pregnant and shared the joyous news with his ill father.

E.J. also brainwashed Steve Johnson by presenting a Devil Tarot card in his face, per Stefano's orders. Through this method, he got Steve to do all his dirty bidding, which included taking a comatose John from the hospital and ordering Steve to take John's kidney.
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