Basic Information About Acquiring a Mobility Scooter

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Let's develop a basic understanding of how you acquire a mobility scooter and the different styles that are available.
For starters, you need to work with your Doctor in the process of acquiring a scooter if you expect it to be covered by Medicare.
Your doctor will have all of the knowledge and know what the approval process is so you won't have to worry about the paperwork.
The Medicare requirements are such that one of four types of specialty doctors needs to be involved in writing the Prescription based on a face-to-face meeting.
One of the following specialists needs to be involved when a Power Mobility Device (PMD) is prescribed: An Orthopedist, Physiologist, Neurologist,or a Rheumatologist.
One of these specialty Doctors will determine if you meet the physical conditions that justify a Mobility Scooter under the Medicare criteria.
There are three styles of Mobility Scooters which are different in their strengths and weaknesses: Travel Scooter: The Travel Scooter is lightweight and can be broken down for traveling.
This style is light enough that a person can pick it up and place it in a vehicle.
Three Wheel Mobility Scooter: This is the most maneuverable scooter when compared to a four wheel scooter.
The single front steerable wheel gives this style the capability to make tight turns which can be important when used in the home.
This type can be used outdoors and has good stability.
Four Wheel Mobility Scooter: The four wheel scooter is the most stable of all of the styles that are available.
This style typically can travel greater distances, has higher capacity batteries and is heavier.
This is an excellent choice if the user needs to use the scooter for shopping trips.
Heavy duty versions of this scooter are available which will accommodate passenger weight up to 500 lbs.
Now you know the basics necessary to have a conversation with your medical professional regarding the best mobility scooter for you!
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