Purchasing A Camcorder Bag

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You have purchased a camcorder. Not just any camcorder, but the most recent camera which includes all of the technological "bells and whistles." You spent hours on the Internet reading review after review that evaluated the features and performance of the camcorder that you were interested in. You also conducted your homework that revealed any service problems and researched web postings that reflected any negative opinions offered by disgruntled customers.

You finally found that perfect camcorder. You then took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly and made your purchase. It was quite a bit of money, but you rationalize that it was the perfect investment to capture those special times in your family's life as well as those near and dear to you. Having made the purchase and getting over buyer's remorse you have one additional purchase to make to protect your investment. That purchase is a camcorder bag. Not only will this bag protect your investment, but it will serve a number of other functions as well.


There are many useful purposes of a camcorder bag. The obvious reason is to protect your investment. A camcorder can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. A camcorder bag will protect your investment from the elements such as moisture, dust and the sun's damaging rays. Also, storing your camcorder in a camcorder bag will help keep it out of sight and out of mind so to speak. This may help to keep honest people honest.

Another purpose of a good camcorder bag is to help prevent accidental damage to your camcorder. A good camcorder bag will be made of quality material, such as leather, and manufactured so that significant padding is incorporated into the bag. This construction will absorb the shock experienced if the encased camcorder is accidentally dropped.


There are many features that can be incorporated into a quality camcorder bag. These features are designed not only to be fashionable but provide function to enhance the use of the camcorder.

One feature is multiple pockets. These pockets could be closed either by using Velcro or zippers. These pockets could be used to store extra batteries, extra videotape or a disk, etc.

An additional feature that allows for the ease of carrying your camcorder would be a shoulder strap. Considerations of the style of shoulder strap, which comes with the camcorder bag, would be the strength of the stitching where the strap connects to the bag, whether or not the strap is detachable and the comfort of the strap as indicated by its width.

One other important feature in choosing the camcorder bag would be the design of the main pocket. Because it stores the camcorder, consideration should be given that the space is large enough to accommodate the camcorder. In addition, video footage is often an unplanned occurrence. Therefore, the ease of quickly removing the camera in order to take the unplanned video footage is a major consideration.

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