Breaking Up Advice - The Hardest Thing to Do

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It is never easy ending a relationship.
Whether the relationship was a marriage or dating, bringing it to an end is usually not easy.
By following this advice on breaking up, it may help make the break up process less hurtful.
This will work properly for non-violent situations.
- Be sure of the decision you have made i.
whether to make up or break up.
In case there are problems that arose that can be solved then they should be solved as soon as possible.
In case the problems cannot be resolved and may arise in the future, the best thing to do would be to break up.
If there is hope of the relationship working, it would be great to involve a counselor.
- Make sure that you are prepared both mentally and emotionally.
Ensure that your thoughts are well arranged and gathered and you know how you will reveal them to your partner.
Choose a day and time that is convenient for both of you.
Make sure you meet some where private where you can listen to each other and reason together.
- If you had decided whether you should make up or break up, you should be there to give out your decision.
This should not be done through an email, phone call or a text.
Arrange to meet with the person you broke up with and tell them the decision you have made.
A face to face conversation is what is needed rather than using some form of communication like a mobile phone or email.
- Make sure that loose ends in the relationship are tightened.
What I mean is that make sure that unresolved issues are resolved if you are planning to get back together with your partner.
If you don't 'clean up' these things, they will definitely come up as you rebuild the relationship.
Clean up everything that needs to be cleaned.
- Another thing you may want to try is to be nice to your ex.
Even if you are to break up, the message can be revealed in a nice calm way and not with rudeness.
Just let them know what decision you have made and even wish them the best in their endeavors.
There is no pain in being nice to your ex.
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