How to Use Chains and Ratchet Binders

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    • 1). Hook one end of a tie down chain to the side of a trailer. Pull the chain over or through the load you need to secure. Hook the other end of the chain to the other side of the trailer.

    • 2). Pull the slack of the chain to an area accessible from ground level.

    • 3). Slide one hook of the ratchet binder to a link of the tie down chain. Pull the slack in the chain to form a U. Slide the second ratchet binder hook to the last link of the chain past the U in the chain.

    • 4). Flip the direction switch of the ratchet binder to "Tighten." Pull the handle towards you until you hear a click. Push the handle away from you and repeat the process. Continue pumping the handle until the tie down chain pulls the chain tight.

    • 5). Flip the direction switch to "Loosen." Push the handle away from you to loosen the ratchet binder.

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