5 Tips on how to get a bigger butt quickly

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5 Tips on how to get a bigger butt quickly

Wouldn't it be great to have a big round bubble of a butt?

More and more women (and men) are discovering the sexiness of a bigger and rounder butt. It is also true that some women are still embarrassed by their big butts and try to do what they can to hide it or to make it appear smaller.

So sure ideals and fashion varies, not only through the years but it is also different in various parts of the world. In Africa for example, big well rounded buttocks has always been seen as very attractive and desirable.

Fact is most men (and women) do find big, round buttocks attractive. It is something that goes very deep into the past to our ancestors and it is simply in our nature to be attractive to big butts.

So anyway if you feel that your butt is too small or too flat or too flabby, what should you do?

Wouldn't it be great if you could make it really round and juicy? Imagine how you would look in a tight pair of pants or skirt if you had a round well shaped butt? I can assure you that you would look and feel a whole lot sexier.

So here is five tips on how to get a bigger butt quickly:

- Exercise, running or walking (especially uphill) will work your butt and legs and are also excellent for your health

- Exercise (more), specific exercises that really target the muscles in your buttocks will go a  long way in making your butt rounder and bigger

- The right diet, health food rich on protein will strengthen and make your buttocks stronger and firmer

-  When sitting (such as when working in an office) for long periods of time frequently squeeze and relax your buttocks to keep them strong. Also avoid elevators and take the stairs, this is great for your butt

- The secret tip. In order to add some serious volume to your butt you also need to add some fat to it. The fat in combination  with strong muscles will give your butt that round, well padded sexy look. You can find out more on how to add fat (without adding fat to the rest of your body on http://biggerbuttquickly.blogspot.com
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