The Best Jump Higher Exercises

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Playing basketball is fun and it is truly a great workout, keeping players fit and trim. However, the game comes with skills of different kinds, but especially the ability to leap to the highest levels. With this talent, a player can act and react better on the court, not to mention have the opportunity to slam dunk.

Below, discover the tricks used by others and learn how to improve your game with jump higher exercises.

The important thing for the player to understand is that it will take persistence.

One has to be determined to practice the recommended workouts without giving up or slacking on them. The point to the workouts discussed below is to build strong leg muscles.

That said, there are numerous leg muscles, each with its own needs and purposes. One must find the various exercises that are appropriate to the intended goal. Each muscle must be worked out for the optimum results, which would make your legs more powerful and explosive.

Explosive exercises will allow optimum vertical leaps.

The Burn Out workouts require the individual to stand with the legs spread about shoulder width apart and the hands by the sides of the body. Stand on the tip toes and hop to approximately 3 inches. When you land, it should be on the toes again. Each one is 1 repetition, but the recommended goal is 20. Do 3 sets of 20, taking a rest in between.

Another popular method is the Step Up. Practicing this will ensure your jumps off one leg are higher than ever before. Use a chair or bench or a stable stool to rest one leg on. The other will rest comfortably on the floor. All the support will be placed on the leg on the chair, lifting yourself up. Again, three sets of 20 repetitions are required at each workout, with breaks in between.

Of course, there are other step ups to practice and it is recommended to alternate these exercises to ensure a full workout of the leg muscles.

Alternating the workout will also help to challenge yourself as much as possible and will make each workout that much more successful.

One goal that everyone who plays basketball strives for is the two-handed slam dunks, which really are quite impressive. However, to be able to do these, the leg muscles have to be properly exercises and be extremely powerful.

To achieve this, squat hops can help.

Get into position by squatting, however, ensure that your back is completely straight. Lean on your toes while maintaining the position and leap 3 or 4 inches into the air. Again, three sets of twenty are required to really work out these muscles and help you achieve your goals. Always remember to take a bit of a rest between sets. Practicing all of the above will surely bring desired results to the entire leg but it is imperative to remain determined and true to your goals. Soon after you begin, you will see startling results, increasing your vertical leaps with every passing week.
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