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I am a big foodie.
I love going out to eat and watching Top Chef.
Annually, I find only three or four restaurant meals truly amazing; no matter how much I pay.
I suppose that if I found outstanding food all the time, it wouldn't be amazing.
But I am always on the look out for the meal that will take me to another place.
Last night I went to Sepia on Jefferson Street.
It was my second visit, and I must confess, I was nervous that the experience would not live up to my previous memories.
Since great cooking is an art, as is acting, I started seeing parallels between the magical meal and the acting discipline.
Be good spirited.
The first thing I noticed about Sepia was the personality of the staff.
Everyone has a positive aura that makes you feel happy to be there.
The chef describes the style of his food as "good spirited.
"Compare that to the waiting room of an audition, where actors and/or parents of young performers sit around discussing the number of auditions and bookings they had.
While you can gather some useful information, it can impact your mood.
Do whatever it takes to be positive even if it means programming your iPod with music that gets you in the mood for the audition, rather than talking to other actors in the waiting room.
Be creative.
Now for the most important ingredient: the performance.
Sepia's website describes the chef's approach, "Creativity is the defining characteristic of Chef Kendal's food.
It is the creative process he loves most about cooking.
" Do you take a creative approach with your auditions? When an actor goes into an audition, it makes sense to approach the role creatively.
Yet often, when actors audition for me they often make the same, safe choices.
Why should a casting director hire you if you are like everyone else? That said, creative choices must be made within the context of the material you are preparing.
Chef Kendall has a style and a cuisine, cooking creatively within that context.
Be pure and direct.
"His style can be described, as...
filled with clean pure direct flavors.
" Clean, pure, direct -how does that translate into acting How many times has your director or casting director told you to keep it real.
Ask yourself or your coach if you accomplish that with each audition.
The essence of acting today is to deliver a clean, pure performance with seasonings that make it uniquely yours.
While being consistently amazing is a daunting task, it is definitely one worth trying.
Bon Appetite!
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