Diablo 3 Is Optimized Not Only For Short Pvp

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Explore the world on five continents, islands, endless, unexplored underwater depths and dark dungeons.
Play as one of the six dominant races, each of whom has a unique set of opportunities, as well as their civilization, culture and unique way.
Experience the world with realistic physics and dynamic lighting. Look at the trees and grass, which bent under the wind. Observe the movement of stars and moons that are part of a planetary system with smooth change of day and night. Walk across the sea in ships, and fall into the fog, when the sea is calm.
Solve the riddles of ancient civilizations which have left not only ruins. Untold treasures and unprecedented strength awaits you if you fight for a secular heritage.

Play the way you want.
You have the freedom to follow the rules, as well as to break the rules and meet the challenges. System Relations Diablo 3 is difficult, but honest.
In Diablo 3 all things that exist in the game, players can be made.
Crafting system in Diablo 3 intuitive, and is not repeated. You can, after the investment, be the first to build fantastic weapons, such as Flamefury Raudstaal Battleaxe.
Release your products in trade, using a sophisticated system that provides you with Diablo 3, it is easy to uniting buyers and sellers, even if they are not in the game.
Fight in battle, make war, build an empire or ... conquer and overthrow the empire.
Diablo 3 is optimized not only for short PvP battles, but also for large-scale battles.
Protect your home, develop your settlement, build an empire. In Diablo 3 clans own territories, and important items, fighting for them.
Diablo 3 exciting combat system, balanced and well thought out. You are at the center of the battle and not watching him from the side.
Use the strategy, tactics, logic, and your ability to engage the enemy.
Choose one of the vast array of weapons, attacking and defending skills and spells.
Fight, sitting on a horse, take part in sea battles, control siege and heavy weapons.
" The combat system in the game does not provide auto-attack, stroke or a bad shot can accidentally injure a player-friendly
" Enhance the combat skills can only be fought in PvP
" The player's body can be removed all equipment and items (including weapons and armor)
" Taking part in sea battles, players must not only manage the ship, but also to charge the gun, manually aim and shoot and be ready at any moment to rush to board
" Crafting is very important - any kind of armor or weapons can be created by players
" The game world is quite large: in order to move on foot from one end to another requires about 12 hours
" By the obstacles in the game (such as a rock) you can climb
" Each of the six races has its own riding mount
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