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Number of options for pursuing higher studies and alternate careers is increasing by the day. To Entrance in any stream, we have to clear entrance test. Many of them fear to facing Quantitative section. The topics that the quantitative aptitude section tests students on correspond to Class X Math. Calculus, 3-dimensional coordinate geometry and other topics that students are introduced to in Class XI are not covered in the CAT. Thus students who feel they are at a disadvantage because they have not studied Math after Class X are actually way off the mark! They may have to work a little harder on brushing up on their concepts owing to the gap of some four years but the CAT does not test them on anything they haven't studied in school. Many students have a fear of seemingly complicated and difficult equations and numbers and are convinced that this is because they have given up Math. Let me clear the air for once and for all, anybody who has studied Math till Class X should have no problems in cracking quantitative aptitude questions, although with regular practice and hard work. Now a days many websites provides online coaching.


Quantitative Aptitude topics that students fear most

Invariably, students come to me for doubts and questions on Permutations and Combinations. These Questions are based purely on logic and common sense and do not have a fixed formula that can be applied to all the questions. Hence, students fear them the most. I always emphasise on the need for developing  strong basics and fundamental concepts before attempting Permutations and Combinations questions. Also, most of the questions only require counting. Students only need to be patient and apply common sense instead of getting nervous when they see such a question in the paper. Do more practice on giving online tests, solve sample papers. Some sites provide free tests of CAT Sections.


Quantitative Ability vs Mathematical Ability


Quantitative aptitude and Mathematics are two very different things. Quant questions are based on basic common sense and logic. They can be easily attempted and cracked even by students who have given up Mathematics  after Class X. While there are a few questions that may be complex and can be solved by the above-average student, these are relatively much lesser in number. A good 60-70% of the quantitative aptitude questions can easily be attempted by the average student. This number should be more than enough for them to clear the cut-off as well.


High scoring topics

The Number System and Algebra are two topics where students can easily score more marks. These topics carry a very high weight-age of more than 50% and therefore mastering these two topics can significantly  contribute to a high score in the quantitative aptitude questions.

Put Your Free Time To Good Use

A good mental jog to keep your mind alive through the day is a must. It is this thrill of constantly ticking that is going to energise you towards your goal. Serious CAT aspirants should be on the lookout for new words, online tips, Sudoku puzzles, crosswords etc constantly. Most of your free time should be spent in either reading or sharpening your mathematical skills.

There is no time in the CAT for revision, period! If you don't get the question right in your first attempt, well that's too bad. Checking your an- swer and revising will only mean wasting very precious time.
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